This is a quiz of your recall ability with your experience at Pewaukee High. It is intended  to start jogging some memories of your high school experience to prepare you for  the Big Day. Some of the questions are general essay (no right or wrong answers) others are specific and have definite answers

I will grade the quiz, the person with the best results will win a great prize.

Hint- most answers are available from a single source.

Good Luck!


The results will be available collectively , so individual answers from specific people will not be shown.

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1)   What is your single best memory of your years in Pewaukee High?

2)   What teacher influenced you most and why?

3)   What would you do different if you could relive High School again?

4)   Were you a member of a "clique" or did you want to be a member?

5)   Who were our class officers in our senior year?

  Bob Hagen, Jim Kelly, Jerry Babe
  Tony Spinato, Dave Stanley, Rick Wank
  Carl Weeks, Steve Dunne, Fred Miller
  Marge Tetting,Ray Heidel, Lyn Riemer
6)   Who did we play in the 1970 Homecoming football game?

7)   What was our Librarian's full name?

8)   What was our Principal's full name?

9)   Who was Rolly's counter part in Phy Ed? Full name.

10)   Was their a jukebox in the Cafeteria ?

Yes No
11)   Who climbed the water tower and painted "class of 71" in red paint?

  Jim Kelly and Sharon Stanton
  Fred Miller and Steve Dunne
  Jim Huismann and Dave Harrington
  Glenn Holtz and Jim Williams
12)   Who was Homecoming King in 1970?

  Fred Miller
  James Schwalbe
  Bob Hagen
  Dale Burkhart
  Jim McCormick
13)   Who was Homecoming Queen?

  Deeann Haerter
  Lynne O'hern
  Kathy Esty
  Carl Weeks
14)   Where could you get a "special with the works"?

15)   What construction design element was cutting edge technology and was incorporated into the building of the new High School

16)   What time did school end each day?

17)   Who was the first graduating class in the new High School?

  class of 1962
  class of 1968
  class of 1969
  class of 1966